Forestry Equipment We Offer

Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry carries a large selection of John Deere equipment for logging and timber companies throughout the western United States. Built with durability in mind and advanced technological features, these machines are designed to improve your efficiency and onsite safety. Learn more about each of the types of equipment we offer.


Streamline your timber harvesting operations with John Deere feller bunchers. These powerful machines excel at cutting and gathering trees, offering precision control and high-speed operation to maximize productivity in dense forests and challenging terrain.


Efficiently transport logs and timber from the harvest site to the processing area with John Deere forwarders. Engineered for reliability and versatility, these machines offer optimal load capacity, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency, ensuring smooth and cost-effective logistics in forestry operations.


Enhance your logging operation with this selection of John Deere harvesters. Equipped with advanced cutting and delimbing technology, these machines enable efficient tree processing, reducing waste and increasing yield while minimizing operator fatigue and downtime.

Cargadores de brazo articulado

John Deere knuckleboom loaders are designed to handle heavy timber and logs with ease. With their articulated booms and grapple attachments, these machines offer exceptional reach, lifting capacity, and precision control for loading and unloading operations in forestry and logging applications.

Cargadores skidder

John Deere skidders are designed to move logs and timber efficiently through rugged terrain. Designed for maximum traction and durability, these machines excel at dragging and stacking logs, enhancing productivity and safety in forestry operations.

Máquinas giratorias

Optimize your tree processing and loading tasks with this selection of John Deere swing machines. Featuring a rotating cab and powerful hydraulic system, these machines offer unmatched flexibility and maneuverability, allowing operators to work efficiently in confined spaces and challenging environments.

Why Choose Papé Machinery?

  • Years of Experience: For more than 85 years, Papé has helped local companies see continued success in their field.
  • Commitment to Quality: Our team monitors and maintains every machine in our inventory — ensuring you receive the best equipment.
  • Parts & Repair Services: With a large stock of OEM parts and complete repair services, our team of technicians is ready to tackle any issue you may be experiencing.

Forestry Equipment Near You

With convenient locations throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Hawaii, a Papé Machinery dealer is always close by. Stop in to learn more about our convenient financing options on new and used equipment, parts, rentals, and repair services.